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"American National Standard Specifications for the Installation of Ceramic Tile"
ANSI A108, A118, and A136,
was approved on October 27, 1999 by the
American National Standards Institute, Inc. 

These documents, and other references in our construction library, provide guidelines and voluntary standards concerning the installation of ceramic tile as well as the test methods and physical properties for ceramic tile installation materials.  Below are examples of our work, which conform to the use of products, processes, and procedures approved by the
Accredited Standards Committee on Ceramic Tile.

Kitchen Counter
The original installer had performed a nice layout, but had unfortunately chosen a poor substrate for use around this kitchen sink.  As the particleboard became wet under typical use, it swelled and ruined the job.  This was a foreseeable eventuality that should have never occurred.  We were able to salvage the backsplash and counter edge and only replaced what was necessary to restore the appearance of this kitchen.
Loft floor
This homeowner had a beautiful house with a nagging unfinished loft adjacent to the master bedroom.  The tile materials were on-site and an acceptable substrate was already installed.  She just needed someone to finish the job.  We quickly knocked out the work so that she
could enjoy the use of this space.

Tenant Finish
This was a tenant finish project in an older rental unit.  The old flooring was coming loose in several areas before we installed new tile to brighten up this kitchen.

Sun Room
This attractive green slate tile and grout gave this sunroom a wonderfully soothing outdoorsy feel.  This flooring was designed to be low-maintenance and forgiving in terms of not showing dirt.  The muted tones tied in well with the landscaping outside.  A light colored and rounded
stair edge was chosen for safety and as a nice complement to the surrounding walls.
Tub Surround

This tub surround was part of a master bath addition in Westminster.  We carefully matched the paint and grout colors to achieve the effect shown here.  A stub wall containing a hideaway for the toilet brush and plunger was built to separate the toilet from the tub, and to keep these items out of sight.  The hideaway was given an oak lid to match the oak vanity and toilet seat.

Shower Enclosure
The homeowners came to us because tiles were coming loose from their basement shower.  A poor choice of substrate and no sealing of the initital installation contributed to the failure.  Demolition revealed extensive dry rot and mold.  After a thorough cleaning, we re-framed the enclosure and installed a durable substrate and replaced the tile.  After we finished the job they commented that the shower had never looked so good!


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