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Exterior Walkway
The homeowners were dissatisfied with the walkway in their existing landscape.  The step stones were slippery and unstable and the hill was too steep to be easily traversed.  We cut
into the hillside to create a series of 9 steps to break up the existing 5% grade and to provide better traction.  We were careful to preserve the rustic look of the surroundings without disturbing serviceable portions of the landscape.  The conspicuity of the dark stair edge
against the light tread face was an intended safety feature.

Horse Shower
After finishing their walkway, the homeowners had us build this concrete slab for a horse shower.  The slab and hitching post allowed the horse to be cleaned safely and without
dragging our infamous Colorado clay back into the barn or the house.

The back door of this home used to open right onto the yard.  The addition of this concrete patio provided a great place to enjoy a meal in our beautiful Colorado outdoors.

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