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"John really knows his stuff, theoretically and practically.  A pleasure to work with."
    - Kathryn Stewart, Westminster

"I found Committed Carpentry to be valuable in troubleshooting some problems and creative in fulfilling projects."
    - Pat Farrell, Denver

A simple fixture can add beauty to your home while providing a needed functionality.  Before we added custom doors, this fireplace was not much to look at.  It was also a safety hazard because a watchful eye was the only protection against flying sparks and falling embers.  An antique brass finish was chosen to match the home decor and the once unattractive fireplace became the focal point of the room!  Especially on those "blue air quality" days of ours.  (It's a Colorado thing.)

Sometimes we need to work on our own projects.  Like many houses, our coat closet is pretty small.  With a growing family, we desperately needed more room to hang our coats.  We made this coat rack to fit neatly in our front entry.  We'd be happy to do one for you too!

Below is an overview of the types of projects that we have tackled.  We have performed literally hundreds of different maintenance, home improvemnet and repair projects over the the years.  We pride ourselves in our troubleshooting skills and our ability to provide innovative, thoughtful solutions and quality workmanship.

We have conquered:
Door Hardware
Sticking Doors
Sticking Windows
Garbage Disposals
Ceiling Fans
Incidental Electrical
Replacement of Washing Machine Supply Hoses
Flicker/Woodpecker Damage Repairs
Smaller Painting and Refinishing Jobs
Light fixtures Dishwasher Installations
Siding Repairs Shelving
Pet Doors
Yardwork and Minor Sprinkler Repairs
Installation of Blinds, Shades, and Valences
Repair of Wobbly Tables and Chairs
Stripped or Broken Fasteners
Loose Trim and Carpet Edges
Fences and Gates
Most home projects are pretty straightforward.  If you need something done that isn't represented on this list, just give us a call.  We're a jack-of-all trades and chances are good that we can figure it out.


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